About JTS.TV

JTS.TV is a premium digital television network. Our mantra is No Ads, Just The StoryTM. We are committed to bringing you top quality independent shows and films to you, always ad-free. Episodes and films are added weekly. We are a network providing both new and old content. It’s important to understand we model ourselves after premium channels, not repositories of older content.

The Story

Quality independent television has no platform currently available to sustain continued production. The ad-based model dominates the sphere, and Internet ads simply do not provide enough revenue to sustain professional programming.

The solution is JTS.TV – Just The Story. JTS.TV brings the premium network model to independent television, allowing viewers an ad-free experience of their favorite, top-notch shows.

By combining an aggressive financial model that rewards quality shows and provides viewers with an ad-free, multi-platform viewing experience, JTS.TV will revolutionize independent television and bring it to the mainstream.

How It Works

For $3.99 per month, a subscriber gains access to all shows on JTS.TV across multiple viewing platforms, including web, tablet and mobile. With a clear and open financial model where half of all subscription revenue received goes directly to the creators/owners, it is the vision of the network to provide creators with a fair and sustainable partnership, while also ensuring fans that their subscriptions support continued show production.


Carter Mason, Co-Founder/CEO
Carter Mason, CEO/Co-Founder
Carter has worked in the entertainment industry for almost a decade as an actor, writer, and producer. His clients have produced numerous feature and short films, independent series, and new media projects. The reputation and relationships forged through the Carter Mason Group laid the foundation for a creator-friendly business model to gain immediate acceptance by the independent television community.

Louis Blitzman, Co-Founder/CFO
Louis Blitzman, COO/Co-Founder
Louis comes to JTS.TV with a background that marries business with entertainment. A financial and strategic analyst by trade, Louis has complimented these skills with production work for multiple new media projects. Though occasionally venturing to the creative side of the industry, Louis is at home handling the business and financial aspects of a production and truly believes JTS.TV’s model meets the needs of content creators and fans alike.

Michael Maxwell, COO
Michael brings a unique talent in business process optimization that will help take JTS.TV to the next level. By fusing his background in engineering, project management and business, Michael has developed a keen ability to maximize efficiency in all arenas. He fully supports all the visionaries that make independent television happen and is excited to provide a universal outlet in which they can express themselves.


Keith Knee, Head of Acquisitions
Keith Knee is a Los Angeles based producer and consultant specializing in funding and monetizing content in both new media and legacy media. His work in feature film financing and negotiation includes, “Pablo”, starring Academy Award winner Jeff Bridges, “Master of the Good Name”, with Roseanne Barr and Mayim Bialik, Jim Carrey’s, “I Love You Phillip Morris” and Ed Asner’s, “Shattered Hopes”. In New Media, Keith acquired financing for critically acclaimed Blue Movies, which Keith helped guide to over 10 Million online views, followed by negotiating a distribution deal for them via Virgin Airlines. He subsequently consulted on and brought distribution opportunities to a number of other web shows including Asylum which gained one of the first Network deals for Independent Television content with BET, Apocalypse Wow, Matchbreaker and First Edition. He also set up the first independent television deal for a half hour comedy on Hulu called, “Workshop”.