Membership FAQs

Q. What do I receive when I purchase my membership?

Members receive unlimited access to our online streaming library.

Q. How do I watch shows?

Monthly members receive unlimited access to the extensive online library that you can watch on our site, your mobile, your tablet, roku or Apple TV.

Q. What content does JTS.TV provide?

JTS.TV provides programming across a variety of genres geared towards a mature audience. Our programming is mostly short form (5-15 minutes) to facilitate mobile streaming and also catering toward at home binge viewing.

Q. What do I need to watch streaming video?

To view shows, all you need is a broadband Internet connection. JTS.TV offers HD and Standard def videos, faster connection speeds may be required for seamless HD streaming.

Q. Is the JTS.TV website secure?

Yes. We use security certificates and provide credit card security and authentication. For more information please see our Privacy Policy.

Q: What are my payment options?

JTS.TV accepts: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and Paypal.

Q. What if I forgot my login or password?

Your login is the e-mail address that you used to create your account. If you forgot the e-mail address you used, please e-mail Customer Service at – If you forgot your password, enter your e-mail address and click on “Forgot Password” under the login box.

Q. What is the renewal policy?

Monthly memberships are recurring, but may be cancelled at any time via your profile page. Annual memberships are paid for up-front and last twelve full months.

Q. How do I know that my order was successful?

You will receive confirmation upon checkout, as well as a confirmation email with your complete order information.

Q. How do I cancel my subscription?

We’d be really bummed to see you go, your support means a lot to creators and help keep us bringing ad-free content – we’d love to speak with you before you make this decision, send us a message at

You can cancel your subscription by filling out our cancellation form – We will attempt to process all cancellation requests promptly, please notify us 48 hours before your next recurring payment, thank you.