10,0000 Days

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10,000 days ago Comet 23 struck with the magnitude of all the nuclear weapons in the world. The Beck Family was among the lucky few who survived. And then the freezing began.


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An unknown infection takes over a small Northwest town, SLOUGHTOWN, while a group of citizens attempt to escape to sanctuary.

Between Juipter & Mars

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A top talent agent is told by a psychic he will die of cancer unless he quits his high powered job to become a manager - but only for the misfits of Hollywood.

Super Geeked Up

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A super-fun geeky pop culture show! Each week Jeff, Tonya, and Nicole discuss sci-fi, fantasy, superheroes and play geek-themed games with guests from web series, TV, and comics!

Time Keeper

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Time Keeper follows the journey of Mitch Manners through Time and Space.

Chop Socky Boom

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Misfit Seattle actors are cast in an action kung fu show. Sometimes, fortune favors the misfits.


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Polaris is a science fiction web series about a research scientist’s experiences in space.

Ask A Cam Harlot

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Victorian England has a steam-powered Internet and our fearless camgirl answers questions from her fans -- with rather silly or murderous results.


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It's 1888. The British Empire has steam-powered computers, Internet and hackers... and Jack the Ripper posts on WikiLeaks.

Out With Dad

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Here we have a look into the life of a teenage girl along with her single father. The two share a close relationship. Rose is coming of age, and coming out of the closet.


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One of these things is not like the other

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