Pride: The Series

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Four individuals connected by blood, friendship, sex, and love are dragged into the classic battle between good versus evil.


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Polaris is a science fiction web series about a research scientist’s experiences in space.

Ask A Cam Harlot

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Victorian England has a steam-powered Internet and our fearless camgirl answers questions from her fans -- with rather silly or murderous results.


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It's 1888. The British Empire has steam-powered computers, Internet and hackers... and Jack the Ripper posts on WikiLeaks.

Last Fall Of Ashes

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A recovering addict building a new life tries to navigate the collision of her past and present.


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He has no training, no gadgets, and no choice. He is the...Asset.

Lab Rats

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A desperately single and desperately penniless student signs up for a bizarre psychological experiment for cash, where he meets the love of his life... or does he?

Red Sleep

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An escaped inmate makes a deal with a U.S. military drug experiment in exchange for freedom. After taking on a new identity, the drug side effects and his past catch up with him.

Acting Dead

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A story about going six feet under to get to the top. A deathly funny dark comedy about the world of Hollywood zombies. It takes talent. And brains.

Super Knocked Up

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Jessica James is the most kick-ass super-villain on the planet. But... she just got knocked up. By a superhero. Now Jessica must raise the baby with her nemesis.

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